Benefits of High Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy in Pelvic Floor Strengthening and Incontinence

High Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy (HIET) is relatively newer technology in the field of pelvic floor muscle strengthening and Incontinence management in women. Incontinence in middle aged women and older is comment and affects quality of life.

Pelvic floor is a complex structure consisting of skeleton and muscles. To have normal continence, strong pelvic floor is necessary, any dysfunction leads to incontinence of varying degrees along with pelvic organs prolapse and bladder dysfunction.

There are many ways to strengthen Pelvic floor, such as exercises, electrotherapy treatment, biofeedback training and lately HIET. HIET contracts the pelvic floor muscles to the level that the contractions become involunatary of high intensity, leading to improvement in strength. Improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength, in turn, leads to reduction in incontinence in women.

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Pelvic Floor Muscles
Pelvic Floor Muscles